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We are often asked about the risks of Salmonella whilst raw feeding, we have not had any trouble in this area as we follow strict guidelines on caring for your food. You are as likely to get problems of this nature from feeding a dry kibble with sprayed on fats as you are feeding raw chicken. We advocate you defrost the food in the fridge, discard the food after 24 hours of defrosting & not refreezing thawed meat. We also advocate feeding on a sheet or in a bowl so you can maintain good hygiene in the home. Use an antibacterial face wipe on your pet if necessary such as...Byofresh pet wipes and clean your hands and work surfaces after contact with the meat. If you follow basic food hygiene rules there should be no problem.

Food safety: Keep frozen till needed. Defrost in the fridge. Do not microwave. Discard thawed meats after 24 hours. Supervised feeding of bones. Never cook or feed cooked bones.