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100GFTDWH   100 Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets Dorwest Herbs
100MVTDWH   100 Mixed Vegetable Tablets Dorwest Herbs
mch400g   100% Minced Chicken 400g
mch700g   100% Minced Chicken 700g
32pk700gck   100% Minced Chicken 700g 32 pack
mfrdu400   100% Minced Free Range Duck 400g
mfrdu500   100% Minced Free Range Duck 500g
mfrdu700   100% Minced Free Range Duck 700g
msa400   100% Minced Salmon 400g
H100GS   100% Natural Goat Strips
15HNCSS   15ml Colloidal Silver Spray
Salc1Kg   1Kg Salmon Chunks
WhTr2   2 x Whole Trout
24500CKTr   24 x 500g Chicken & Trout
24500FRCK   24 x 500g Free Ranged Minced Chicken
24500MiCh   24 x 500g Minced Chicken
3lh   3 x Lamb Hearts
mchPh400   400g Minced Chicken & Pheasant
48500MiCh-   48 x 500g 100% Minced Chicken Portions (24kg) New Packaging.
500MiCh   500g Minced Chicken
mchPh700i   700g Minced Chicken & Pheasant
BeCoBBG60   BeCo Bags
BeCoBSk   BeCo Spork
BMC1kg   Beef No Bone Meat Chunks 1kg
fv400   Blixed Fruit & Vegetables 400g
Chicken-Carcass-15kg-frozen   Chicken Carcass 15kg Box COLLECTION ONLY (Frozen)
Carcx40   Chicken Carcass x 40 individually bagged and frozen
CC1kg   Cod Chunks (1kg)
cea100g   Cow Ear - INDIVIDUAL
chf50g   Cow Hoof - THREE FOR ONE POUND
cwh341   Cow Hoof 3 for 1
CE543   Cows Ears 5 for THREE POUNDS
DWEG250   Doorwest Easygreen
DWKeMi250g   Doorwest Keepers Mix
DWKST   Doorwest Kelp Seaweed tablets
DWOVC30   Doorwest Organic Valarian Compound
DWSCVA100   Doorwest Scullcap & Valarian
DWTB100   Doorwest TreeBark
DrMe1Kg   Dried Meat 1Kg
DrMe3Kg   Dried Meat 3Kg for TEN POUNDS
549pea   Dried Pigs Ears x 5
dsp150g   Dried Sprats 150g
3410dsp   Dried Sprats 3 for TEN POUNDS
DCarcx8   Duck Carcass x 8 individually bagged and frozen (Free Range)
DN1kg   Duck Necks 8's (Free Range)
CN1kg   Free Range Chicken Necks (ONE)
FRCarcx15   Free Range Large Chicken Carcass x 15 individually bagged and frozen
FRCW1Kg   Free Range Premium Chicken Wings 1Kg
fspf1   Fresh Sprats (Frozen) 1Kg
BeCoBBL   Large BeCo Bowl
MLN2   Meaty Lamb Necks x 2
mmlr2kg   Meaty Lamb Ribs 2Kg
BeCoBBM   Medium BeCo Bowl
mchchH700   Minced Chicken & Chicken Hearts 700g
mchD400g   Minced Chicken & Duck 400g
mdu500   Minced Chicken & Duck 500g
mchD700g   Minced Chicken & Duck 700g
mchla400   Minced Chicken & Lamb 400g
mchl500   Minced Chicken & Lamb 500g
mchla700   Minced Chicken & Lamb 700g
mchlh400   Minced Chicken & Lamb Heart 400g
mchlh500   Minced Chicken & Lamb Heart 500g
mchlh700   Minced Chicken & Lamb Heart 700g
cnltr500g   Minced Chicken & Lamb Tripe 500g
mchof500g   Minced Chicken & Oily Fish 500g
mchoxh400g   Minced Chicken & Ox Heart 400g
mchoL400   Minced Chicken & Ox Liver 400g
20160017   Minced Chicken & Salmon 400g
mchsa500g   Minced Chicken & Salmon 500g
mchtr500g   Minced Chicken & Trout 500g
MCV400   Minced Chicken & Venison 400g
mchven700   Minced Chicken & Venison 700g
mchvo400g   Minced Chicken & Venison Offal 400g
mchvo700g   Minced Chicken & Venison Offal 700g
16pk700gspk   NbN 16 x 700g/600g Meat and Veg/Fruit selection pack (save 2.26)
24pk400gspk   NbN 24 x 400g meat & fruit/veg selection pack (save 2.32)
48pk400gspk   NbN 48 x 400g Meat & Fruit/Veg selection pack
OxHC1kg   Ox Heart No Bone Meat Chunks 1kg
243pno   Pigs Noses 2 for 3
344pro100g   Pork Rolls 3 for FOUR POUNDS
VMC1kg   Premium Venison No Bone Meat Chunks 1kg
SaOi425   Salmon Oil
BeCoBBS   Small BeCo Bowl
2spz   Small Pizzles 2 for ONE POUND FIFTY
ts200g   Tripe Sticks 200g
4410ts   Tripe Sticks 4 for TEN POUNDS
WCKH   Whole Chicken Hearts
WCKL   Whole Chicken Livers

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