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An Introduction To The Raw Pet Food Diet | BARF Diet

We believe the most natural diet for dogs and cats is a raw diet, after all, there are no ovens in the wild. We supply a wide range of raw pet food products.

An introduction to Raw

We believe the most natural diet for dogs and cats is a raw diet, after all there are no ovens in the wild.

Even though our dogs and cats are now domesticated their genetics are not far removed from their wild cousins. We understand each pet and person is different & at Nurturing by Nature we see raw feeding as a lifestyle choice, after all Nurturing by Nature was founded in the family kitchen back in 2004 and whilst we have developed to where we are today our roots and our core values have remained the same. 

With our Defra Licensed Raw Pet Food Manufacturing facility now based in Upton, Poole - We process Human grade ingredients in a manor as if our Raw Pet food was designed for our tables. We believe this is extremely important as almost all of our Cat & Dog meals are prepared in our kitchens where we serve our own food from. By using high quality human grade ingredients & processing our Nurturing by Nature Raw food in this way, we ensure that we are able to produce the highest quality Raw diet for our community & your four legged friend. 

The Nurturing by Nature Raw Pet food diet is based on our beliefs that nature provides the most natural diet for our Pet's. This would be Raw. We offer a variety of different protein sources that allow our Raw feeding community to provide their Cat's & Dog's with a vast variety of Raw meals. This is not a complete meal but by feeding a variety of proteins over time you are able to create a Naturally Complete Diet. A Raw diet that mimic's nature in a convenient way. 

Nurturing by Nature Natural Raw Pet Food - Made in Dorset, Delivered Nationwide.

We are ethical, we are attentive, we act with integrity and if you have friends that are already raw feeding you will understand that we are united.



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