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500g 100% Free Range Chicken & Chicken Liver Raw Dog Food

500g 100% Free Range Chicken & Chicken Liver Raw Dog Food

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An excellent way to add Offal into any raw dog food or cat food diet with a well balanced mix of meat, bone & offal. Not the so called complete 80/10/10 ratio that is a trend within the Raw Feeding community, but close to it. At Nurturing by Nature we believe in feeding a complete diet that provides a complete healthy balance over time. In an attempt to relate closly to our Dog's & Cat's natural Raw diets in the wild.

Made using UK lean, premium cuts of meat, our free range raw dog food has an excellent variety of meat choices to include in a varied raw diet and offers a particularly great source of proteins.

This meal option works well when fed in conjunction with natural dog treats as a snack in between meals

Choose this Raw Dog Food Option for:

  • No fillers or grains
  • Human Grade Raw Dog Food
  • Fully Traceable from Farm to Freezer
  • A great source of protein
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Our most convenient packaging, this sleeve style space saving pouch means you can fit more in your freezer! This packaging offers the best value for money - using a fraction of the plastic that the tubs do the price reflects the value.

Nurturing by Natures minces are a course grade of mince and an excellent introduction to raw feeding. These are by far our best selling range, convenient for the home.

Available in a number of different sizes and a variety of different packaging types.

Some contain bone and some don’t.

Raw feeding in our eyes has to be affordable & by using Chicken as a base from which to build in a variety of protein sources you will have an affordable yet nutritious Raw diet for your four legged friends.

We also offer a fantastic Free range product. Available in; A Mince, Carcass, Necks, Wings, Legs & sometimes meat portions.

Using Human grade, UK farmed & processed Chicken, that we can trace back to the egg we are able to offer a consistent quality product with full traceability.

Offal, in our case is a range of different plucks or organ meats, referring to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal.

The word does not refer to a particular list of organs unless stated but includes most internal organs excluding muscle and bone. Hearts, Livers, Lungs etc. Rich in nutritional goodness

Chicken, chicken liver
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