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Raw Feeding Professional Consultation - Expert on Raw Feeding - Senior consultant.

Raw Feeding Professional Consultation - Expert on Raw Feeding - Senior consultant.


Would you like help understanding what raw dog food or raw cat food would be suitable for your pet, or a more individual guide to raw feeding your loyal companion?

Do you have a troublesome pup or confusing kitty that you need help with? This consultation may be for you. We are a team of Raw feeding professionals who can help you and your pet on your raw feeding journey. Don't be afraid to ask - we can help you find the right raw dog food or cat food for your beloved pet.

This is suitable for:

  • Current raw feeders who want one to one help
  • Someone new to raw feeding who wants step by step meal advice and how to feed raw dog food
  • Tricky tummy troubles - we can help with diet and advice, how and when to feed
  • Allergys and illness' - troubleshooting and maintenance - from what to feed your diabetic pet to how to manage a diet to support allergies
  • Raw feeding cats, Raw feeding dogs

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What we have done:

Raw food for dogs or Raw feeding for cats can be a complexed subject, especially. We have advised thousands of Cat and Dog owners all over the country on the subject of Raw Feeding. We've had customers at their wits end that have come to us for advice . We have supported, advised and put together raw meal plans. Using our years of raw feeding knowledge for Raw feeding cats and raw feeding dogs with our expertise, we are sure we will be able to help you on your raw feeding journey. We can hand on heart say that we have helped hundreds of pets and their people over the years. Dogs and Cats at the point of being put down we have transformed them with a raw diet, together, with the care of a loving owner we have transformed them into healthy, happy pets.

Why do we charge for a consultation?

We charge £29.99 for a consultation. In this half hour appointment you will receive a tremendous amount of information (so get your note pad at the ready) and the benefit of our professional expertise.  In order for us to give you raw dog food (or cat food) advice that has value, we need to go through the history of your pet with you and ask you questions that are relevant to your current situation.  Once we have answers to these questions, we can then provide you with recommendations as to how best to proceed so you can achieve goals that are realistic to your lifestyle. A consultation is not simply our expert getting a few facts from you and then telling you what to do. The Nurturing by Nature Senior consultation is very in depth.  We want to be able to dedicate the time to you as we know that switching to raw or needing help feeding your pet raw food can be a daunting process. This way we can recommend and provide a way of raw feeding that will work for your lifestyle alongside unlimited support for the next 30 days from your dedicated Raw feeding expert. Helping you on your your raw diet journey.

What you get:

  • 1 x 30 minute Phone Consultation with our Professional expert.
  • 2 x follow up support calls as and when required
  • 10% online discount for 30 days
  • Full notes on the pet profile for reference and guidence
  • Easy to use website with marked favourites and a fast reorder service

What you need to do:

Place this item in your cart and we will be in touch. Please make sure your phone number and email address is correct as these will be the methods that we use to contact you. Let us know in your order comments if there is a good time - or indeed not a good time to contact you - for example, if you work nights and would only like to be contacted on a Tuesday and Wednesday after 2pm - let us know this - we can them book a consultation in to suit you. If in doubt call the friendly office team on 01202 625728.

To read more about what the Raw Feeding Professional Consultation offers click here.

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