Company Info

Nurturing by Nature was started because of Fred, a beautiful red boxer dog who developed Cancer. (Read more of Fred’s story on our Blog) The answer to his problem was a raw food diet.

From starting in the conservatory, moving to the garage, Opening the first ‘dedicated to raw feeding shop’ (in the country) in West Moors, demand has grown and we now have a production Unit in Upton, Poole.

We are a small friendly and dedicated team of Staff & Family who strive to provide a wide variety of products to enable you to feed the healthiest meals to your four legged friends.

We are a family run business based in Dorset, manufacturing our own range of raw food in our fully licensed DEFRA factory. We source, process, sell and advise. Priding ourselves on the quality of our raw food and the condition of our customers four legged friends.

10 years ago Nurturin
g by Nature was founded in Nettie's Kitchen.
7 years ago Nettie opened up the UK's first raw food shop.
Today we have two shops, a factory & a nationwide, next day delivery service.
We have advertised very little & this need to expand can be attributed to the fantastic support we have received from our customers.

Our raw diet is not a complete meal, It's is a complete diet! By feeding a variety of raw foods over the course of time you will provide your four legged friends with a natural diet that would be much the same as if they were roaming free.

This requires you the owner to be responsible & provide this variety through their meals.

At Nurturing by Nature we aim to supply this variety. We don't always have the same products and we don't always have your favourites. This a natural way of controlling your pets meals.

Very much as commercial pet food control many cats and dogs diets by providing a complete meal. We encourage you to control your animals diet (because that's the most important part. It's not the meal it's the overall diet.)

The Nurturing by Nature raw diet is produced with ingredients sourced in person and from suppliers we can trust to provide the quality we demand. In fact many of the ingredients are intended for the human food chain. We process to the standard of the catering trade and fully comply to legislation set out by DEFRA. This in turn means that we have a fully operational & licensed processing factory here in Dorset.

So here is Nurturing by Natures views;

Firstly there is room out there for all of us, the pet industry is huge and it is not healthy for a couple of major players to control it all.

Kibble, dried food, wet food and any other heavily processed food containing grains, supplements and prescription remedies have their place......However Raw is how dogs are naturally designed to eat. The processed equivalent only puts adverse stress on their digestion system. They also tend to contain ingredients like rice that never get fully digested.

Salmonella: yes there is a risk. If how ever you purchase your raw food from a DEFRA approved supplier all the meats that you feed will have been tested against such bacteria. All of Nurturing by Natures products are tested, we even test the surfaces within our factory. All of our food is safe when it is sold to you.

Raw food does require to be treated with a good standard of food hygiene.
Keep frozen - defrost in the fridge for 24hours - feed in a clean bowl - wash directly after meal times and preferably in water over 85 degrees. Washing your hands and services with disinfectant or an anti bacteria solution.

If you treat your pets food as you would treat your own you won't go far wrong.

Nurturing by Nature may not say that we are the best, we may not shout the loudest but we are a honest company, providing a honest product for customers that we value.