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All About Nurturing by Nature Raw Pet Food

Nurturing by Nature is a leading supplier of the very Best Raw Pet Food for dogs and cats in the UK. Made in Dorset & Delivered Natonwide

Nurturing our Pet's by Nature, as nature intended.


Introduction to Nurturing by Nature

As the Managing Director at Nurturing by Nature, I am proud to share that our passion goes far beyond pet food. Our purpose is to be more than just manufacturers; we're here to be with you on your journey towards providing the very best for your four legged family members, be them cat’s dog’s or both.

If you're as passionate about providing your pets with the finest quality nutrition as we are, use our website to explore how Nurturing by Nature can enhance the lives of you & your four-legged friends, one meal at a time.

Our mission, “Is to produce our very best Raw Pet Food diet & deliver it to our community through exceptional customer service.”
We stand by our loyal community of pet owners, providing them with a naturally wholesome and genuinely healthy raw pet food that allows them to witness the true quality of nourishment they provide. Just as our founder first did with Fred, when his diet changed from Kibble to Raw, when he developed cancer. We are embracing the essence of caring through nature's guidance. This is Nurturing by Nature & staying true to our values is at the heart of every thing that we do.

Every pet owner understands the strong bond that exists between us and our pets they leave long lasting memories in many hearts even long after they have left our sides. At Nurturing by Nature, we've embarked on a unique journey, a partnership with nature itsel in a way, as we have chosen a diet that matches nature, all be it with a convenient twist to suit our modern homes. Our commitment is to deliver raw pet food that not only supports the health and vitality of your pets but also allows you to witness their truest and happiest selves. When Nettie first witnessed Fred her Red boxer dog find his youthfulness again after switching to raw she just new that more pet owners needed to know about this new diet.

With a holistic approach to nutrition, we believe that genuine well-being comes from embracing the essence of caring through nature's guidance. Our products are carefully produced to provide the nourishment that nature intended, free from artificial additives and full of the wholesome goodness that nature provides. We don’t claim to produce a complete meal but we promise to provide you with all of the ingredients & support to provide a natural diet that is full of natural variety.

Together, let's create a community that celebrates the genuine bond between humans and pets, nurtured by nature & creating a positive impact on nature.

Adam Morris (Managing Director at Nurturing by Nature)

About us

Raw Pet Food Specialists & Knowledgable Raw Dog Food Pioneers
At Nurturing by Nature, we're not just a team, we're a community. We take pride in being the Best Raw Dog Food specialists, offering an extensive and palatable range of Frozen Raw Dog Food, treats, and Pet accessories for your pets. With experienced knowledge team members on hand, to support our community at every stage. For some embarking on their raw pet food journey & others, seasoned experts themselves who wish to share knowledge. Nurturing by Nature is a Raw Pet Food Manufacture & Raw Pet food retailer who do exactly what we say. We Nurture by Nature even in this modern world. You can explore our offerings online or visit one of our 4 stores located throughout the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole areas.  (Upton, Poole, West Moors, Ferndown, and Pamphill Dairy, Wimborne.)
We also offer a Next Day, Nationwide delivery service & a next day Raw Pet Food delivery service 6 days a week, through out the BH post code.

We Believe that a Raw Diet for Pets is the most natural diet for our cat’s & dog’s. Although domesticated in recent times their anatomy & biological make up remain the same & closely related to their wild cousins. Many of which we are all familiar with from the various nature programs we see on TV. We believe that a raw diet provides unparalleled health benefits for pets.

Nurturing by Nature's beginnings
Our founder Nettie, is the driving force behind our unique approach to our raw pet food, through Nurturing by Nature she revolutionised pet nutrition, challenging modern traditional beliefs & pioneering a whole new way of Feeding your Pet’s meals. Her unwavering commitment ensures that every pet and their owner benefit from our nutritious offerings. Both with the Frozen Raw Pet Food & the first class support that she offered to her customers. To this day, her raw diet continues to bring happiness to our proud community, two-legged and four. It is not only her Raw diet that Nettie has nurtured by nature, it is also the exceptional customer service too. Having studied the first Raw meal for years, in text books & discussions with vet’s Nettie understood the stress of going against the grain first hand. Supporting Nurturing by Nature’s Frozen Raw diet with the same premium level of support became a must.

Our Journey

2000 Nettie first started to question her pet’s diets
2004 Fred the family Boxer dog developed cancer & Nettie knew she had to act
2004 Nurturing by Nature served it’s first Raw meal
2004 Nurturing by Nature HQ was established in the family home in Verwood, Dorset
2005 Saw an Kitchen extension & freezer favours with friends, family & neighbours
2005 The first Frozen Raw Pet food delivery was made.
2006 Nurturing by Nature Westmoors - was opened. The UK’s first dedicated Raw Pet Food Store. Allowing customers to come to the store. If Nettie was to share this amazing diet with others then opening a central location was going to be key.
2011 Nurturing by Nature Ltd. underwent significant expansion, led by Nettie, Emma and Adam. Nurturing by Nature expanded the journey into a purpose built catering facility. Based in Upton on the out skirts of Poole. Nurturing by Nature’s premium raw pet food is proudly made in Dorset & delivered nationwide.
2011 Nurturing by Nature Upton was opened. A small factory store located at the front of the new production facility.
2019 Nurturing by Nature Opened a dedicated dispatch facility allowing our raw feeding community to have access to our diet nationwide. It also allowed the team to be more efficient in better working environment.
2022 Nurturing by Nature Pamphill (Wimborne) was opened - A call from a retailer who had a sale fall through offered an unexpected opportunity to arise. Having known the site since being kids we knew the location was perfect fit.
2023 Nurturing By Nature Christchurch opened. A Raw Pet food store became an opportunity & one that we jumped at without too much thought.

From the kitchen & a life changing cancer diagnosis to a fully APHA licensed factory, a E-commerce website & an ever growing number of Raw Pet Food store Nurturing by Nature is dedicated to serving it’s community.

Building a Nurturing Community
Nurturing by Nature it’s not just our business name it’s everything that we do. From humble beginnings & Nettie’s kitchen there is now an amazing team of people behind the scenes ensuring that our community is exactly this, a community. At the centre of our community is our Frozen Raw Pet Food Diet  but this is enhance by the teams consistently striving to improve the quality of our service, ensuring every pet owner gets a biologically appropriate diet and valuable knowledge. From which through the nurturing of happy healthy pet’s the community thrives.

After all, our mission goes beyond providing food—it's about fostering relationships, promoting health, and celebrating the joy of pet ownership. At Nurturing by Nature, we believe in the simple joy of kindness and the power of a smile.

Nurturing by Nature it’s a lifestyle

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