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Raw pet food - a diet that is changing millions of pet owners lives as they see their pet’s thrive from a naturally healthy diet.

Since 2004, Nurturing by Nature has been at the forefront of the raw pet food movement through out Bournemouth & the surrounding area in Dorset. Founded in the family kitchen after Fred’ s battle with cancer & then seeing the family Pet’s thrive. A belief in a raw pet food diet was born. Since this moment Nettie our founder just wanted to tell more people about this diet that had given her & her pet’s a whole new lease of life. 

From the kitchen a brand of Raw Pet Food was developed and Nurturing by Nature has become established supporting fellow pet owners throughout the UK, who seek a more natural diet for their pet’s. For pet owners who reject the claims that heavily processed ingredients are most suitable & appropriate we provide our very best raw diet supported with expert knowledge & beliefs. Changing the lives of owners & their pet’s one raw meal at a time. Using fresh human grade ingredients & processed with attentive care & attention in our APHA licensed facility in Poole, Dorset. Nurturing by Nature has grown from the family kitchen to becoming an award winning & trusted Pet Food Brand. With stores open 7 days a week throughout the Bournemouth area supported by a 6 day a week Delivery round along with a UK wide next day delivery service. Nurturing by Nature is a business with its community of raw feeding pet owners at mind. We are pet owners, Mum’s, Dad’s and busy people just like we all are in this modern 24/7 world. So we have designed our business and services to be there for you when you need us to be. 


Nurturing by Nature has been on a journey from our family kitchen. Far from being a fleeting trend, raw pet food or raw feeding, is a return to the natural diets our pets thrived on for many thousands of years. If raw pet food was so dangerous our now pet’s would never have evolved to see today. With nutritional research, study of our pet’s anatomy & experience within the veterinary world our founder developed our diet to reflect our pet’s natural diet. With a balance of the modern world & our busy lifestyles Nurturing by Nature’s raw diet has become established & maintained consistency even when many have changed course, in light of the next unique selling point. In 2004 a Raw Pet food diet was heavily going against the grain, it was far from conventional, but we had our beliefs, founded on evidence & our commitment to natural raw dog and cat food diet grew stronger with every health pet we saw & every happy owner we spoke too. Our founding principles remain stronger than ever as we choose to believe our eyes & voices of our community over the opinions of a few. 


Our selection of premium raw ingredients empowers you to craft a bespoke raw pet food diet that perfectly aligns with your unique lifestyle and the specific needs of your four legged fury family members. With trusted accredited suppliers, we offer a fantastic variety of choices. Believing that the best raw diet is one that is balanced over time by feeding a variety as apposed to feeding a complete meal every meal. Our products, packaging & selection of Raw Pet Food meals are here to help you develop a nourishing raw diet that fits seamlessly into your modern life. We understand that every pet and pet owner is unique, and we're dedicated to catering to that individuality with products, support & experienced team members always on hand to support.


At Nurturing by Nature, we stand by the conviction that the most authentic diet for our dogs and cats is a raw one. The wild doesn't come equipped with ovens, and despite their domestication, our pets' genetic makeup remains closely linked to that of their wild ancestors. Our goal is to emulate this natural diet in a way that slots into our contemporary homes with minimal effort or complication. With a team of specialists always ready to offer informed advice, ensuring you feel supported at every turn as you transition to a raw diet. It's true, raw feeding may feel like a departure from the norm, but we're here to guide you through it. Embracing raw dog and cat food is a journey, and with Nurturing by Nature, it's one you won't have to navigate alone.

At Nurturing by Nature, we recognise that variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to a raw pet food diet. While it's true that we occasionally run low on certain raw dog food items, this isn't merely a matter of seasonality—it's also a nudge for our customers to diversify their pets' diets. In the untamed wilderness, a dog's diet would naturally vary based on the most accessible and plentiful prey, which could range from rabbits and chickens to birds, small rodents, and even the occasional deer in the UK's diverse ecosystem.

Yet, in this modern age, many species have unfortunately dwindled, often due to human impact on their habitats. But let's not dwell on the past... In the comfort of our homes today, there's no need for our pets to hunt for their supper. With just a few clicks on our website or a visit to one of our stores, you can provide a banquet fit for a wild ancestor without any of the toil—ensuring your pets enjoy a balanced, natural diet that's as convenient as it is nutritious and varied.