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I Feed Raw already but not tried Nurturing by Nature

Nurturing by Nature was founded in the family kitchen back in 2004. Raw feeding was of course around & it certainly shouldn’t be described as a new fad diet after all it’s going back to nature itself. However it defiantly was not the norm back in 2004. Our diet today is not to different from when Nettie first started feeding Raw & more our our values or beliefs. Our processes have developed as the business has grown & our order volumes have also allowed for us as a business to have a wider range of suppliers available to us. However I the ethos remains the same.

We provide good quality Raw ingredients that allow you to create your own complete Raw diet based upon your needs, be them to suit your homes environment, your Dog or Cats need or the modern work life balance. We provide a wide of range of options that we hope allow our customers options, to create a Nutritious Raw Diet that works for them & their animals. At the end of the day we are all different.


Nurturing by Natures believe the most natural diet for our dogs and cats is a raw diet, after all there are no ovens in the wild & even though our dogs and cats are now domesticated their genetics are not far removed from their wild cousins. We aim to replicate nature in a way that fits into our modern domesticated homes without too much effort or fuss.

We always have experts on hand to provide detailed knowledgable advise to support the quality of our food. Raw is the natural diet for cat’s & dogs but Raw feeding has not been the norm in recent times. We understand that the thought of feeding raw can be daunting & thats why we are here to help.


We do run out of products - this is our attempt to force variety upon our customers. In the wild the way a diet would normally consist of the easiest, closets & most abundant food source available to a pack or prey animals. In the UK this would most likely be, rabbits, Chickens, Birds, Small rodents & on occasions larger prey such as deer. Thats the wild & mostly animals have only sassed to exist because of us humans messing with the natural environments in one way or another……(anyway…) In our homes & the modern world we don’t have to send our animals out to fend for themselves, you just have to visit our website or our stores.

Whilst the wild food choice would be as above providing a Raw diet from a variety of protein sources & nutritional values we believe to be the way to create a nutritional well balanced Raw diet that allows your animal to thrive. After all a Healthy Animal means a Happy owner. To do this we do allow product to run out from time to time & this is our way of being responsible as a Raw Pet Food Manufacture.