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Creating a balanced raw diet for dogs and cats
Key ingredients to include and their benefits
Autumn Update; fireworks, holiday traditions and festive food
Bringing you advice, support and, of course, the nutritious and delicious natural raw pet food to help your four legged friend stay happy and health this autumn.
Sprats for dogs and cats
The ideal snack, meal or treat
How to feed marrow bones safely
Our raw dog food specialists share their advice on feeding marrow bones to dogs and cats safely
Benefits of marrow bones for dogs
Our range of raw and natural treats for dogs and cats includes high quality marrow bones – a delicious recreational bone your pet will love.
Phytopet PetCol colon care

For healthy tums and healthy bums A great source of soluble fibre with the added benifit of our Pro/Pre Biotic concentrate.

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Leucillin 50ml Dropper Bottle

Leucillin is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution, that kills up to 99.99999% of germs. This reliable, innovative and affordable spray provides a powerful solution to combat a ...

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