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Puppy food - Choosing a Raw Diet

Raw food for puppies

Whether your puppy is a Labrador, a spaniel or a dachshund, choosing to feed a raw diet is the very best decision you’ll make for your brand new family member. We are strong believers that the most natural diet for puppies and dogs is a raw diet - after all, there are no ovens in the wild.

Nurturing by Nature was founded in the family kitchen back in 2004 and whilst we have grown, our roots and our core values have remained the same. We believe in offering only the very highest quality meats, sourced from suppliers we have personally visited and trust.

Best food for a puppy

We understand that you want to do the very best by your puppy, giving them the greatest opportunity for a long and healthy life – by considering a raw diet you’re already on the right path!

Why feed raw?

The most natural diet for your four legged family member is a raw diet; after all, that’s what they would be eating in the wild. At Nurturing by Nature, we believe our large selection of raw pet food offers the best possible chance of a healthy and happy life. Our raw meats, bones, treats and supplements are available to buy online and in store.

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How much should I feed a puppy?

Puppies & kittens can eat up to 10% of their bodyweight in meat per day. As the animal gets older they will need less. For example, a 6 month old puppy will need more like 5-7% of their bodyweight in meat per day. We would advise increasing the amount of meat if you have a dog that is working or is highly active.

Working out the percentage of raw food your puppy requires is simple - here is an example:

  • 4kg 2 month old dog - suggested feeding raw of 10% in bodyweight in meat per day.
  • 4 x 10 = 40 add 0 = 10% = 400g

So, for a 4kg, 2 month old puppy we would recommend feeding around 400g of meat per day.

It is important to remember that each and every pup (and their human!) is different, which means their requirements can vary quite drastically.
If you're unsure of how much to feed your puppy, our team is here and happy to help. Simply pop in store, give us a call or read our full guide on raw feeding.

Buy puppy food online

100% Chicken Mince - £1.69p (500g)

Our 100% chicken mince is a firm favourite with pets and their humans. This tasty meat is packed full of protein, an essential ingredient your pet needs to maintain a healthy immune system. Shop all minces.

Stuffed Chicken Carcass - from 99p

A boney meal your dog will love. Not only do bones offer natural teeth cleaning, but also they help to relax your pet (they're delicious too!). Shop all bones.

SmartBarf Veg, Seed & Fruit Mix - £13.50 (500g)

All the ingredients within this easy to use supplement are carefully selected for maximum nutritional benefit, to contribute to a healthy and balanced diet for your raw-fed dog. Shop all natural supplements.

Pure Meat Sticks - Treat Variety Bundle - £14.83 (5 Packs)

Duck, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Salmon & Turkey. These 100% meat sticks are a fantastic natural dog treat, offering varied sources of protein that may not always be so easy to incorporate. Shop all natural treats.

Benefits of feeding puppies a raw diet

Why Starting Your Puppy on a Nurturing by Nature Raw Diet is the Pawsitively Best Choice for a Healthy, Balanced Life

When it comes to your puppy's health, you're not just looking for food—you're seeking a lifestyle transformation. A happy, well-balanced pup is what every dog owner dreams of, and a Nurturing by Nature raw diet might just be the golden ticket to achieving this dream. But you might ask, what makes raw diets so special? Well, it's simple: Raw is natural, and natural is what your puppy needs to be healthy & with Nurturing by Nature you have experienced experts on hand to support you at every stage of your raw pet food journey. 

We'll look at the numerous benefits of our raw dog food options, including our Raw Pet Food Variety box & other enriching meals that help you support overall well balanced health.

Why Raw is Natural and Natural is Healthy

First things first—let's tackle the 'raw' elephant in the room. If you're like most people, the word 'raw' might raise some eyebrows. Rest assured, raw doesn't mean risky or unregulated. Quite the opposite, from a APHA licensed manufacture like Nurturing by Nature a raw diet will provide your puppy with unprocessed, natural ingredients straight from the source. This includes high-quality meats, nutritious veggies, and essential vitamins and minerals that are often lost during the cooking process in traditional dog food. Not to mention additional natural enrichment they receive from eating meals that they have to work for.

The Importance of Starting Young

Puppies are like sponges, both physically and mentally. What you feed them in the first few months will set the foundation for their entire lives. Starting your puppy on a raw diet ensures that they get the best, most natural nutrients right from the beginning. This contributes to healthier skin, a shinier coat, more energy, and even better oral health. The raw diet also provides better support for muscle growth, building stronger muscles from the outset.  

What's Inside the Raw Dog Food Variety Box?

Variety is important in a raw diet because it helps to ensure that your pet is getting all the nutrients they need. Different types of raw food offer different nutrients, so by varying your pet's diet, you can help to ensure that they are getting a balanced and complete diet. Nurturing by Nature is a leading supplier of raw dog food, and they offer a variety of products that are perfect for dogs of all ages and breeds.
Our Variety box is perfect for providing a good base & introduction to a Raw Diet.
Add in some Natural Treats & when your both ready Bone meals provide ideal enrichment meals. 

Online Convenience, Nationwide Delivery

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. Our raw dog food, natural treats, and boney meals can all be purchased online and delivered straight to your door, nationwide. No need to take extra trips to the pet store when you can have high-quality, raw, natural products shipped directly to you.

Other Products to Consider

If you're looking to expand beyond the Variety pack, we offer a delicious and nutritious range of meats, treats, and other essentials that can be mixed and matched to suit your puppy's unique needs. The sky's the limit when it comes to providing a healthy, balanced diet for your four-legged friend.

When you opt for a Nurturing by Nature raw diet, you're choosing a path that offers holistic benefits for your puppy. From raw meats filled with natural enzymes and nutrients, to boney meals that support dental health, our Raw Dog Food Variety Pack Deluxe Upgrade Box offers a comprehensive solution for those critical first weeks of life. So why wait? Make the natural choice today and set the stage for a lifetime of health and happiness for your pup.

Benefits for you

  • Simple storage - Our meats come frozen in streamlined packaging, which keeps waste to a minimum & ensures easy storage
  • Buy online - Our natural pet food is available to buy online for delivery nationwide - you can buy from your sofa!
  • Peace of mind - We understand that your puppy is more than just your pet - they're family. Our raw pet food is sourced from local, trusted suppliers and provides the very best nutrition for your pet.

Benefits for your puppy

The benefits of feeding a raw diet to your puppy or dog are almost endless, but here are a few that our raw feeding community experience most regularly.

  • Improved mood - Many pet owners notice that, particularly in dogs, mood is enhanced when feeding a raw diet. Boney meals in particular have a calming effect which can lead to a better behaved, happier pet.
  • Softer, shinier fur - Just like us humans, what dogs and cats eat is reflected on the outside! A raw diet provides the nutrients and minerals they need to stay healthy, resulting in a glossy, soft coat.
  • Fewer health complaints - Feeding raw means cutting out unecessary fillers and instead feeding exactly what is needed for optimum health, often resulting in reduced illness or alleviated symptoms. Raw fed pets also tend to suffer less from flatulence
  • Delicious meals & treats - Dogs and cats are designed to eat raw - it's their natural diet, which means when it comes to feeding them delicious raw meats, bones and treats they absolutely love them!

If you still have questions then please have a read of the following article where we detail everything you need to know about starting out with your new family additions.