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Our Veterinary Nurse & Feeding a Raw Dog Food or Cat Food Diet

We are proud to have a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse as part of of team with over 30yrs experience as a nurse. Get in touch if you have any queries at all

Our Veterinary Nurse

Up until 2004 when Fred got Cancer even our family dogs had been fed a commercial pet food, be it wet or dry. When Fred got cancer Nettie spent hours upon hours researching & researching the raw dog food diet before Fred’s diet changed.

If there is one thing we will say in favour for the commercial Pet food giants it is that they do a fantastic job in marketing their various brands of pet nutrition.


Having dogs of all shapes & sizes in our families for many decades we fully understand what owning either a Cat or Dog is all about. The excitement of the early Puppy & Kitten years, to the challenges of training & sadly the inevitable heart breaking process of bereavement. We truly understand every phase.

We are here to help in any way we can.

At Nurturing by Nature we are proud to have a Fully qualified Veterinary Nurse as part of of team with over 30yrs experience as a nurse. Sue is on hand through out the week and is available for help and guidance on all aspects of pet health and feeding a raw dog food or cat food diet. 

Please email [email protected] with any inquiry for Sue & we will direct your enquiries to Sue.

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