Natural raw food for your dog and cat
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Our Raw Pet Food Kitchen, Ingredients, Hygiene & Delivery

Take a look behind the scenes at Nurturing by Nature. We have a DEFRA approved kitchen/factory and use only human grade products from trusted UK suppliers.

Behind the scenes


Our DEFRA approved factory is full of state of the art machinery that, if not used for our pet food, would not be out of place in any professional butchery plant. Whilst it is pet food, we understand that our four legged friends are part of the family. Their meals, like ours, are prepared in the home; for this reason we process it as if it were for our table.


At Nurturing by Nature we only use human grade ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers in the UK that we have visited personally.

We carry out farm visits to fully understand and be assured about the origin of the food that
we produce.

By responsibly sourcing the very best ingredients we, in turn, provide you with the best possible Raw food products for your dogs and cats.

DEFRA – Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

We are proud of our full Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Association Licence and we were the rst Raw food retailer and manufacturer in Dorset to be awarded with this accreditation.

It represents a lot of hard work to achieve the required standard to comply with UK Raw pet food manufacturing regulations.

The regulations are very strict, with an ongoing programme of microbiological testing and inspection of the products, equipment used in production and handling techniques throughout the manufacturing process – training of staff and the overall condition of the factory itself.

All our products are fully traceable and individually identifed with a batch code which tells us where they came from, together with the arrival and processing dates.

This all means that you can be assured that Nurturing by Nature Ltd products are fit for purpose and you can feed them with confidence, to your dogs and cats.


We adhere to strict bacterial testing of our Raw food. Samples of each batch are collected and a selection is sent to an external UKAS laboratory. We also routinely swab test our production facility and equipment. To minimise the bacteria that will naturally grow on any food we advise you to abide by good hygiene standards that adhere to the handling of Raw food.

We also advocate feeding in an environment that is convenient to your home, for example either in
a bowl, or in the garden. Use an antibacterial face wipe on your pet if necessary and clean your hands and work surfaces after contact with the meat.


We deliver nationally throughout the UK and to local areas in Dorset and Wiltshire. We have a team of friendly delivery drivers and fleet of vehicles that deliver fresh Nurturing by Nature Raw Ltd food. Delivery is free for all local orders above the minimum spend and we offer a 24hours service – in some emergency cases we have been known to deliver on the same day if we can facilitate it.

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