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Our Values | Raw Dog Food Specialists Nurturing by Nature

Heritage, Ethics, Attentiveness, Unity & Integrity are the hallmarks of our business. We are a family run business who guarantee an exceptional service

Our Values

Nurturing by Nature - the values of the raw dog food specialists

Welcome to Nurturing by Nature our Raw Pet Food Business where Values Define Excellence in our Raw Pet Food & within a business that is at the centre of an incrediable Raw Pet Feeding community.
At the heart of Nurturing by Nature is more than just providing the Best Raw Pet Food; it's about upholding values that have shaped our journey from a passionate family kitchen to becoming a nationwide name for Raw Dog Food and Raw Cat Food. Here's why our values not only define us but also make us the go-to community for raw feeding enthusiasts:


Born from humble beginnings, we've evolved into an operational powerhouse, delivering the Best Raw Dog Food and cat food, while staying rooted in our original passion for the benefits of a raw diet. Our heritage is a testament to a family-driven commitment to excellence, honouring a real life experiance & making us a business with unwavering core values. Having found a miricle diet for a cancer sick dog, the only thought was to ensure more pet owners could benifit from the same transformation that a diet change could have. It is this very story that is our heritage & many years on the story is only enhanced the more times that it is repeated emphasising the powerful nature of our humble heritage tale.


We don’t just serve pet food; we serve trust. By ethically sourcing our products, ensuring the origin transparency, and visiting our suppliers personally, we guarantee only the finest. Our Frozen Raw Dog Food and cat food ingredients, are often intended for humans, are free from fallen, diseased, or sick animals, emphasizing quality and integrity. This commitment extends to environmental considerations, with sustainable packaging and processes adhering to the licenced standards of APHA. Beyond the stated standads required Nurturing by Nature is a business that will go above and beyond to ensure the values of the business are lived & breathed. Directors will ensure that site visits are carried out & these visits extend to the slaughter houses & processing facilites too. Our values mean so much to us all we live & breath each one.



Is part of our DNA at Nurturing by Nature. We understand that our raw diet will most likely be prepared within the family home & that we our responsible for your beloved pet's meals. Meals that must sustain them & allow them to thrive. We are attentive at every stage of raw pet food process to ensure that our high standards are met & to allow us to consistenly produce the very best raw pet food that we can.

We are not just a manufacture though & our attentivness also reaches our stores too where we are attentive to our communities needs, what ever they may be.


Beyond being a family business, unity runs deep in our ethos. Our clear mission, supportive structure, and a deep sense of community foster lifetime-value relationships with customers & team members alike. Whether it's with partners, suppliers, or customers, our united front ensures we're always in sync, creating a harmonious work environment centered around respect and care.


Trust is our foundation. From every interaction to every decision, integrity is paramount. We're accountable to our customers, ensuring every step, from sourcing to serving, is transparent, honest, and in the best interest of our four-legged beneficiaries. Our partnerships echo this value, ensuring a community built on trust, respect, and utmost professionalism.

Join us at Nurturing by Nature, where values and dedication merge, offering unparalleled quality in raw pet food.


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