Natural raw food for your dog and cat
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Our Values | Nurturing by Nature

Heritage, Ethics, Attentiveness, Unity and Integrity are the hallmarks of our raw pet food business. We are a family run business who guarantee an exceptional service.

Our Values


  • We are proud of our origins and humble beginnings.
  • We have grown from a simple idea developed in a family kitchen to an operationally excellent business delivering Raw food to pet owners nationwide.
  • Today, feeding Raw is a way of life for us and something we are incredibly proud of..
  • Our values reflect those of a business created by a family member with a passion and belief in the benefits of a Raw food diet.
  • Staying true to our core values has helped us create a business we are proud to be part of.


  • We ethically source all our prod- ucts and are honest and transpar- ent about the origin of our entire range...
  • ..And we personally visit all of our suppliers to ensure that they adopt the same responsible approach and attitude to Raw food production.
  • Our packaging is fit for purpose, practical and sourced with feasible consideration to the environment.
  • The Nurturing by Nature Raw diet is produced with ingredients sourced in person and from suppliers we can trust to provide the quality we demand.
  • In fact most of the ingredients are intended for the human food chain. No animal is killed solely for our purpose and we do not use fallen, diseased or sick animals.
  • We process to the standard of the catering trade and fully comply to legislation set out by DEFRA. This in turn means that we have a fully operational & licensed processing


  • Every customer is unique to us. We value this and strive to provide a personal service every time we engage with you.
  • We aim to deliver outstanding customer service - supported by an absolute belief in the benefits of feeding Raw and a passion for helping our customers provide their pets with the optimum Raw food diet.
  • We will always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers have all the information and confidence they need to initially try, embrace and consistently provide their pets with a Raw food diet.
  • We listen to and observe our customers’ feedback and pay attention to what’s important to them, ready to react quickly if necessary.
  • We are attentive to our partners, employees and stakeholders and pay attention to what’s important to them to create and nurture mutually beneficial relationships.


  • We are a family business and have a strong sense of Unity...
  • We have unity of purpose - with a clear mission and sense of direction.
  • Our supportive structure helps to channel the knowledge, talents and expertise of staff to foster relationships with customers that have lifetime value.
  • We strive to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships and have a strong sense of community.
  • As colleagues and friends within the business we are connected with each other, with our partners/ suppliers and with the customers we serve.
  • We want to create and evolve a great work environment where customer care, productivity and respect for each other naturally occur.


  • Integrity begins with every single interaction that we have with each other, our customers and our partners.
  • Our customers trust us with their pets and we are accountable to them.
  • Our interactions with customers, each other and partners is honest and trustworthy.
  • We always do the right thing for our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders – based on personal and/or professional judgment.
  • Our workplace culture is based on trust, respect and professionalism.
  • We will only ever partner or engage with companies and people who have integrity.
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