Natural raw food for your dog and cat
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Raw Dog Food & Cat Food Feeding Guide

A raw pet food diet has a number of benefits. This raw feeding guide is designed to help pet owners understand how best to defrost and prepare the raw diet.


Defrosting the Raw Dog Food or Cat Food

The ideal way to defrost the raw dog food or cat food is by placing the frozen meal into a container & placing this into the fridge. Leave for 24h & then serve.

Good Food Hygiene

Our pouches are very similar to many human grade products found in the supermarkets & whilst the containers are slightly different the tubs are much the same. Treat our Nurturing by Nature food as you would treat yours & you won’t have any issues. We use Human grade ingredients in our raw dog food and raw cat food, and we process to the standard of a human grade butchery plant to ensure the highest quality of food that we can.

Puppy Dental Stick great for teething

Raw feeding a ballanced diet for Dogs & Cats is a great way to keep the overall health of your animal at a great level. 

The chewing of the bones & carcasses within any Ra...

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