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How To Transition Your Pet To A Raw Diet - Weekly Plan

We've broken down how you can transition your pet to a raw food diet. Follow our weekly step by step guide for a safe and healthy transition to raw.

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

Week 1

So now you have worked out how much you need to feed your pet, in week one we start the introduction: There are two ways you can choose to introduce this to your pets meals:

  1. Feed the required amount of Raw over many small meals throughout the day (5 or 6 on day one) gradually reducing the number of meals as you increase the days until day 7 you feed two or even one of the required allowance of meat for the day.
  2. Feed a mixture of their old food and Raw each day, gradually increase the Raw meals and decrease the old food. After about 7 days you can feed 100% Raw. Do not mix the Raw meals and the old food in the same meal or feed at the same time as the digestion rates can differ and you won’t see the difference in their poo until they are on Raw 100%. Generally, unless there are known food allergies we start on our 100% minced chicken - we feed this by introducing one the two methods above, for the 1st 7 days.

Week 2

Now you will be up to feeding the correct amount that your pet needs we can look at feeding different proteins. We recommend a feeding a mix in the morning - generally a mix with chicken, so Chicken &…. and plain Chicken in the evening - by keeping the proteins separate you can eliminate any proteins that your per does not get on with.

Week 3

Feed different mixes and introduce other 100%’s - Duck, Tripe, at the end of the week you can introduce a Chicken carcass or a suitable sized soft bone meal.

Week 4

Keep feeding different mixes but also try the harder bones such a one lamb rib this week along with the chicken carcass - you may also want to introduce a whole meat meal such as a Rabbit or Trout. We suggest if they eat a bony meal to balance the day or two days out with a bone free meal.

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