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Leading Raw Cat & Dog Food Suppliers in the UK

Nurturing by Nature is a leading supplier of affordable raw pet food for dogs and cats in the UK. Our products are healthy and compatible with the BARF diet.


We are a team of raw dog food specialists offering a huge and delicious range of raw meats, treats and snacks for your furry friends, both online and in our shops in Upton, Poole and West Moors, Ferndown. We believe that a raw diet offers your pet the best opportunity when it comes to health and are always on hand to help with any questions you might have. In short we are a really nice group of individuals that have together created a warm & friendly culture where, birthdays are celebrated, tea is always brewing and a helping hand for any job is always there.

A family

A warm glow of family values are at the heart of Nurturing by Nature & our shops are a hub for raw feeding community feeling, united customer support. Quite often it’s the fellow Raw feeding community within our shops that help a new to raw customer. The atmosphere in our shops & our business is truly unique.

In the beginning

Nettie’s is an incredible individual who really doesn’t gets the credit that she deservers, for an amazing business, going against the grain & changing the beliefs of so many & changing the lives of not only our four legged friend community but our two legged community too. After all we say a happy healthy dog leads to a happy owner. Nettie started the business & has taken all the risks, in a area of pet nutrition that for so many years seemed to go against the grain. A true inspiration to us all in the business & a story of late nights, early mornings & a desire to serve her community with a raw diet that she created & believed in. (To this day it is the same).


Emma & Adam became involved in 2011 when Nurturing by Nature expanded into the Factory premises at Upton (BH16 5SW) - The ethos remains the same. Hard work & a dedication to produce our very best Raw diet for our Raw feeding community. Emma, a Mum first & foremost has over 10 years experience within the Veterinary world & today along with Adam is driving Nurturing by Nature forward both for our community of raw feeders & the business itself to provide for everyone who makes Nurturing by Nature the business that it is.

Building a Community

Adam believes in people & is investing in the people of the business who have created what that we have today, striving to be the very best that we can be. This will only help improve Nurturing by Nature as a business & if we do this we will only ever raise the quality of service to our raw feeding community. The emotions of owning a cat or a dog are truly amazing & if we provide a biologically appropriate raw diet that is naturally healthy, along with the very best knowledge we can offer. We are doing the best for both our four legged & two legged friends. It’s Nice to be nice & a smile goes a long way.

700g 100% Chicken

Chicken mince is a delicious and nutritious addition to any cat or dog's raw diet. Made using UK farmed human grade chicken, our 100% minced chicken is an excellent base to build a varied ra...

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9kg Butchers Beef Bones

Beef bones are a satisfying addition to any raw dog food diet. Not only are they delicious, but also bones are mentally stimulating for your dog, making this the ideal choice for healthy snackin...

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