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Natural Dog Treats Raw Dog Food Selection Box

Natural Dog Treats Raw Dog Food Selection Box


Raw feed dogs will love this delightful selection of 11 delicious natural dog treats that fully compliment any balanced raw dog food diet.

Your dog will love you for the simple action of you giving them the raw dog food alone, but the action of chewing releases endorphins which in turn makes them happier still. 

The final point worth mentioning is that with the larger natural dog treats in this selection box, your beloved dog will need to think about gripping and manipulating the treat in order to chew and pull each bite, keeping them occupied and mentally stimulated.

These treats are all natural, therefore some slight variation in composition and size may vary. 

Pork Spaghetti - Protein 84.4% Oils & Fats 32.58% Fibre 1.08% Ash 3.78%
Dried Chicken Breast - Protein 49% Oils & Fats 8% Moisture 12% Ash 8%
Fish Finger - Protein 84.4% Oils and Fats 0.3% Ash 17% Fibre 9.2%
Goats Ear - Protein 70.56% Oil & Fats 14.82% Moisture 7.62% Ash 7%
Beef Skin Slice - Protein - 80.18% Fat 7.96% Moisture 7.28% Ash 4.58%
Sausages - Protein 22% Oils & Fats 21.5% Fibre 6% Moisture 35% Ash 3%
Rabbit Ear - Protein 46.8% Oils & Fats 21.5% Moisture 7% Ash 2.45%
Dried Meat Pieces - Protein 60% Oils & Fats 30% Ash 4% Moisture 2.5%
Pig Nose - Protein 58% Fats 26.2% Moisture 11%
Dried Sprats - Protein 44% Oils & Fats 26%
Beef Trachea - Protein 72.12% Oils & Fats 17.87% Moisture 7.56% Ash 7%

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Feeding Guide
Have a great time exploring this variety box with your dog - a superb selection of 11 different treats for you to try out.
Makes a great natural present for a dog.

Compliments a raw diet with no additives, just dried treats. Grain Free.
Complimentary Pet Food For Dogs, Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.
Store in a cool dry place, Supervised consumption only, this product may stain furniture and soft furnishings, we recommend feeding this outside or on a wipe clean surface.
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