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4 Tips for introducing a new pet

Ensure both parties are relaxed with these top tips

Whether you’re introducing a new kitten or puppy to dogs or cats, the number one priority is ensuring your existing pets feel safe and secure in their home, and that your new addition feels welcome.

To help make the process of introducing a new pet to your home easier and ensure your four-legged family members can live in harmony, our raw pet food experts have put together a list of their top tips for ensuring a peaceful settling in period for all involved.

1) Keep your new puppy or kitten contained

However gentle or used to other animals your existing cat or dog may be, it is important to remember that their reaction may not be all you hoped for when introducing a new pet. To ensure your new arrival is safe and protected, as well as providing a clear boundary for your older pet, keeping your puppy or kitten in a crate is a great way to introduce them slowly.

By using a crate that allows your puppy or kitten to clearly see out and your older dog or cat to see in, you’ll make them accessible to each other in order for them to get used to one another’s presence, without putting your younger pet at risk if you need to leave the room.

For a puppy or kitten, your home is new to them and will feel like a huge space – keeping them contained in a crate with access to food and water (as well as some cosy blankets!) will help them to settle without feeling too overwhelme

2) Try introducing on mutual ground

If your dog is particularly protective of your home, try introducing them to your new puppy on mutual ground, such as the local park. This will help the two to establish a bond and get to know each other’s scent, without your older dog feeling that their territory is being invaded.

3) Feed your pets separately

Your dog or cat may be a fully fledged member of your family, but it’s important to remember that they are animals and their instincts will always take precedent; this is particularly the case if they feel your new puppy or kitten if a threat when it comes to food.

Feeding separately will help to ensure there is no competitivity surrounding food. Try feeding your puppy or kitten in a separate room or crate, whilst your dog or cat eats their meal in the usual spot (this will help to stop them eating the wrong food too!).

4) Provide a safe space

Whilst your new arrival is settling in, it’s also a good idea to provide a safe spot for your older dog or cat. Whether you choose a room where the new kitten or puppy isn’t allowed to go or you corner off a cosy corner with your dog or cat’s favourite blanket and toys, offering a peaceful place they can use to get away from your new pet will help to keep stress levels to a minimum.

To learn more about what you can do to help settle in new pets take a look at our calming product range or pop into one of our stores today.

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