Natural raw food for your dog and cat
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Creating a balanced raw diet for dogs and cats

Key ingredients to include and their benefits

When it comes to the food we eat, variety is the key to a healthy diet – the same applies when feeding your dog or cat.

At Nurturing by Nature, we’re pleased to have recently added some delicious mince mixes to our ever-expanding range of raw pet foods. With varied ingredients and an array of nutrient-dense meats, there’s something for everyone. The new mixes are:

All at Sea – A delicious, minced blend of whole sprats, cod, haddock and pollock.

Wild & Free - Hand-selected cuts of rabbit, venison and pheasant, plus a mix of blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants for a sumptuous meal. 

Farm House – A tasty mixture of turkey and duck, with turkey heart, turkey livers and frozen mixed berries.

A balanced diet based on varied meals

We are strong believers in feeding a complete and balanced diet over what some other pet food suppliers describe as a ‘complete meal’. Just as you wouldn’t feed yourself the same meal repeatedly each day, your pet also requires the same balance and variation of different proteins, nutrients and minerals.

That said, our new dishes feature the ‘ideal’ mix known as the 80-10-10 ratio: 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. A delicious, healthy and nutritious meal your dog will absolutely love – we’re yet to see an unfinished bowl!


Key raw pet food ingredients & their benefits


Fish boasts many benefits when added to your pet’s raw diet, and is especially good for those that are sensitive to other protein sources. High in Omega-3 and essential fatty acids, fish (particularly sprats!) is good for maintaining heart health, improving skin conditions and achieving a shiny, healthy coat. The Omega-3 found in most types of fish also helps to keep dogs and cats calmer and more focused.


A mix of delicious berries is a healthy addition to any raw diet, providing vitamins and minerals. Though not essential, adding fruit and veg to your pet’s diet on occasion is a great way to ensure that all-important variety and balance is achieved.


Chicken is a great source of protein and is an easily digestible meat. As well as offering various nutritional benefits, it’s also a great base meat for mixing with other protein sources as it isn’t too rich.


Offal offers a varied source of nutrients, with each type providing its own benefits to your pet’s raw diet, including:

Livers – High in protein, liver is also a good source of iron which helps to promote healthy energy levels and endurance. We advise not to feed too much liver as it is very rich and could cause upset tummies!

Kidneys – Also high in protein, kidneys are also low in fat yet rich in iron and B vitamins.

Hearts – Full of amino acids and a high in protein, hearts help to maintain muscle and aid endurance in working dogs and offer a good source of taurine.


Turkey is a good source of protein and is a leaner meat compared to chicken.

For help and advice creating a balanced raw diet for your dog or cat, the Nurturing by Nature team is here to help. Introducing just one new type of meat into your pet’s diet is a step in the right direction – take a look at our delicious range of meats, bone meals and natural treats or why not pop in store.