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Wessex Fish Farm Visit

We take great care to ensure our suppliers are the very best

A visit to our trout supplier

When it comes to feeding pets a raw diet, we understand that our customers put their trust in us to provide high-quality, safe meat. To ensure that each of our products has full traceability, we work only with suppliers that we have personally visited and are proud to boast a relationship of close to 10 years with each of our raw pet food suppliers.

Our most recent supplier visit was to the Wessex Fish Farm, where we source our trout from. The fish farm is known across the country as a high-quality supplier, with them supplying their home-raised trout to some of London’s finest restaurants!

For a raw diet that is tailored to your pet, taking into consideration their breed, age and weight, take a look at our product range or pop in and see us for a chat today. 

Our high quality pet food starts with our choice of suppliers

Our visit last week was one of many, where we take a look around the farm and generally catch up with the farm owner, Jim, and his team. It is important to us that we are fully knowledgeable of the processes involved when it comes to where our meat comes from. We care about the lives of the animals prior to their supply to us, which is why the fact that the Wessex Fish Farm takes great care of each and every fish, feeding them a healthy diet and opting for manual care methods over machinery, is a great hit with us.

Every fish supplied to us has had stress in their lives kept to a minimum, from the fact that they are sorted into their ponds gently (using the natural flow of water through large pipes), to the fact they are kept away from gravel (so they can’t ingest it!) and are hand-gutted to ensure high quality standards are met.

We’re proud to be the only pet food company in the country to be supplied by the Wessex Fish Farm – with our weekly order of 100kg – 200kg, there is seldom any fish left for others!

Take a look at a video from our visit

What are the benefits of feeding a raw diet?


Pets that are fed a raw diet usually show the following positive signs, as well as a whole host of other fantastic outcomes. Whether your cat or dog is suffering from ill health or is well and you simply wish to give them a little extra helping hand, pet owners that provide a raw diet can expect:

  • Increased calmness

  • Softer, shinier fur

  • Suffer from less health complaints

  • Love their food and the variety on offer

  • Eat less as a result of increased nutritional density

What do our customers say about feeding a raw diet?

“I feed raw because in under two months the transformation is great, no more itchy skin or ear infections.”

“I feed raw because it makes my dog happy, calm and contented. Now he doesn’t have a tummy ache making him all crabby! The bonus is he looks awesome at a good weight, has a stunningly shiny coat and his teeth are super clean and pearly white”

Ready to make the simple transition to a raw diet for your dog or cat? Take a look at our range of high-quality raw pet foods and buy online today.

500g 100% Trout

Fresh From Jim & his team at Wessex Fish Farm, here in Dorset. Our 100% Minced Trout provides a great source of Nutrition for your four legged friends. 

A native fish of the u...

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500g Free Range Chicken & Trout
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A balanced mix of two types of meat & is a great way to introduce a different protein source into a Raw diet

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