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Who We Are

An introduction to Nurturing by Nature

Who We Are

Nurturing by Nature was born in our family kitchen, based on a passion for nutrient-dense, raw pet food that strips our pets’ diets back to their natural requirements. We now deliver raw pet food nationwide and are pleased to be able to share our passion and knowledge with customers both locally and afar. We believe that raw feeding is a way of life and the diet we’ve developed is something we are immensely proud of.

Whether you want to find out more about raw pet feeding or you're simply looking for a community within which you can learn more about offering your pet the very best in life, Nurturing by Nature is the right place. Fancy a chat? Call 01202 625728 or pop in and see us.

A Friendly Community for All

Since 2004 we’ve worked hard to develop a brand that is not just a business, but also a community and support network for dog and cat owners alike. We want to be a point of call for people to come to us and discuss their pet’s behaviours, health concerns, dietary requirements or even funny stories! We don’t believe in pushing the raw diet on those that choose to feed commercial pet foods and instead pride ourselves on providing a setting within which pet owners feel comfortable approaching us, no matter their circumstances. We’re always here.

As our business grows, we are remaining careful not to lose our old-fashioned values and family morals. We work only with suppliers that we have personally visited and can boast close to 10 year relationships with each of the companies we work with. It is important to us that all of our products are traceable, allowing us to provide our customers with a clear background of each of the raw pet food products bought from Nurturing by Nature. 

The Nurturing by Nature Team

Internally, we believe that a happy team means happy customers. We always offer our staff members ample opportunities for growth, helping them to develop and achieve within the Nurturing by Nature family. Just as every customer and pet is unique in our eyes, we apply the same thinking to our own staff and go above and beyond to ensure that their time with us is rewarding and exciting, nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship.

To find out more about the Nurturing by Nature team, why not take a look at our values, story and ethos?

500g Free Range Chicken & Free Range Chicken Liver 100% Free Range mince
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An excellent way to add Offal into any Raw diet with a well balanced mix of Meat, Bone & Offal. Not the so called complete 80/10/10 ratio that is a trend within the Raw Feeding com...

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400g 100% Beef

400g Of our popular beef mince.

This mix does not contain any bone.

Beef Meat, Ox Heart & Ox Kidney

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