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How, Why & Where We Produce Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat Food

Read about the where, why and how we produce raw dog food and raw cat food. From our factory to our packaging, we cover it all here.


Our Raw Pet Food Factory

Our DEFRA approved factory is full of state of the art machinery that, if not used for our raw pet food, would not be out of place in any professional butchery plant. Whilst it is pet food, we understand that our four-legged friends are part of the family. Their meals, like ours, are prepared in the home; for this reason we process it as if it were for our table.

Our Suppliers

At Nurturing by Nature we only use human-grade ingredients for our raw dog food and raw cat food, sourced from trusted suppliers in the UK that we have visited personally.

We carry out farm visits to fully understand and be assured about the origin of the food that we produce.

By responsibly sourcing the very best ingredients we, in turn, provide you with the best possible Raw pet food products for your dogs and cats.

Our Raw Dog Food and Raw Cat Food Products

The reality is if our Dogs & Cats were not at home indoors they would be out fending for themselves. Their diets would then be made up from a number of different elements, what they can find, what they can hunt & what is in abundance. In the UK this would realistically be rabbits, chickens and pheasants etc, mainly small prey. Then on the odd occasion they may hunt larger prey such as a deer but in reality that's what their natural diet would be.

Our wide range of products originate from our values. We provide all of the ingredients that you’ll need to provide your four-legged friend with a nutritious & varied raw diet. Not a complete meal.

From convenient minced pouches to a 25kg Box of Lamb Offals we can & do offer everything you’ll need to provide your four-legged friends with everything that they’ll need in a way that is convenient for you.

Why we run out of Products

We do run out of products - this is our attempt to encourage variety upon our customers. In the wild, a diet would normally consist of the easiest, closest & most abundant food source available to a pack or prey animals. In the UK this would most likely be, rabbits, chickens, birds, small rodents & on occasions larger prey such as deer. That's the wild & most prey animals have only ceased to exist because of us humans messing with the natural environments in one way or another……(anyway…) In our homes & the modern world we don’t have to send our animals out to fend for themselves, you just have to visit our website or our stores for the varied and healthy raw dog foods and cat foods that your pet will love.

Whilst the wild food choice would be as above, providing a raw diet from a variety of protein sources & nutritional values we believe to be the way to create a nutritional well balanced Raw diet that allows your animal to thrive. After all, a Healthy Animal means a Happy owner. To do this we do allow products to run out from time to time & this is our way of being responsible as a Raw Dog Food and Raw Cat Food Manufacturer.

Our Raw Dog Food and Cat Food Packaging

Our packaging is of the no frills variety, as we have decided to spend all of our available budget on the high quality of the ingredients used in our raw dog food and cat food, not on high gloss, pretty packaging that will ultimately end up in the bin. We understand that this goes against the norm for a retail manufacture but think of it like our naked packaging. It also creates a very open & honest style of packaging that fits within our values here at Nurturing by Nature.

We do use plastic however we have strived to reduce our impact on the environment and we had successfully reduced our plastic usage in 2018 by nearly 50%.

We have tried for many years to look for alternative packaging but sadly plastic still provides the most viable option for our business. Paper - In order to be fit for purpose is wax/plastic lined, or if not coated, and then becomes contaminated by our food & thus can not be recycled.

The 500g sleeved products only use a fraction of the plastic that our 400g/700g tubs utilise & this is reflected in the price. Once you have used the packaging please dispose of the waste responsibly within the domestic rubbish.

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