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How Much it Costs to Feed a Raw Dog Food Diet

Introducing Henry - A Very Cheeky Jack Russell Terrier

Introducing Henry & How Much it Costs to Feed a Raw Dog Food Diet

In this article we are taking a look at how much it costs to feed a raw dog food diet to give those starting their raw feeding journey an idea of what they can expect.

Henry is a 14kg 10 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. He was originally brought up on kibble, but after the owner suffered a health issue which made him rethink his diet and switch to one that would support his health long term, he wanted to do the same for his dogs.

After a bit of research Henry’s owner came to the realisation that feeding a raw dog food diet and natural dog treats rather than big brand cheap treats was the healthiest way to ensure the health and longevity of his dogs.

Henry is starting to slow down a little compared to the extremely high energy dog he has been for most of his life. As an adult dog with a moderate level of exercise per day he needs approximately 1.5% to 2% of his body weight in food to maintain a healthy figure and lifestyle.

For his weight and age, he is fed 250gm of raw food per day - that's 125gm in the morning and 125gm in the evening.

The owner buys one of the 100% Free Range Raw Dog Food Boxes which consists of 24 x 500gm packets. This provides Henry with 96 meals, or 48 days’ worth, making the cost 83 pence per day.

Henry also gets a daily natural dog treat which is either a Hairy Rabbits Ear or Beef Skin slice with Hair approximately 30/40gm per day costing 50p per day.

When feeding a raw diet there is no herbage in the meat itself, so to ensure he gets the vitamins and minerals need to maintain a healthy body Henry also has a spoonful of SmartBarf Seed and Nut Mix in the morning meal. SmartBarf works out at 31p per day and a chunk of Dried Meat (Beef) as a reward for being good. A large pack lasts about a month and costs £4.89 divided by 30 days in the month making the cost 16p per day.

  • 83p per day - 100% Free Range Raw Dog Food

  • 50p per day - Natural Dog Treats (Hairy Rabbit’s Ear or Beef Skin Slice)

  • 31p per day - SmartBarf

  • 16p per day - Dried Meat (Beef)

The total cost to feed Henry a raw dog food diet every day, including treats, costs £1.80 per day.

When we saw Henry recently his owner commented that Henry is in better condition than he’s ever been. His coat is so soft and shiny, his temperament is calmer than when he was being fed kibble, his teeth no longer need dental treatment to keep clean and he is generally a happier dog.

Henry’s owner wasn’t sure where to start when he first enquired about raw feeding so he booked a consultation with one of our in-house specialists who helped him understand how best to proceed. This included not only what foods to use but also how to deal with the freezing/defrosting safely.

Raw feeding doesn’t have to complicated, so if you have any questions about how best to proceed then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you and your pet.

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