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Natural Treats for Dogs – Our Guide to Delicious and Healthy Options

Tasty and nutritious dog treats for all occasions! Our raw pet food experts share their very favourites.

Best natural treats for dogs

We offer an extensive range of natural dog treats which your four legged companion will LOVE. Whether you’ve opted to feed your pet a raw dog food diet or your dog eats commercial pet food, natural dog treats are a great (and tasty) addition.

At Nurturing by Nature we care greatly about the ingredients our four-legged friends are fed, and believe that a balanced raw dog food diet full of naturally sourced nutrients is the key to a happy and healthy dog.

To help our raw feeding community provide the very best for their pets, we offer an extensive range of delicious natural treats, suitable for a variety of occasions, such as chewing, training or simply just as a little something extra to accompany a meal.


For dogs, chewing is a very important exercise which helps to release natural endorphins which help to calm and settle them. We offer a number of natural dog treats which are great for chew-time, including Pizzle Natural Dog Chews and Kangaroo Sticks, Rabbit Ears.

When choosing the ideal chewing treat for your dog, it’s important to consider their size in order to choose options that are appropriate for your pet. For example, cow hooves are very hard and brittle so they are not suitable for strong chewers. They are a good choice for smaller dogs or soft chewers.

Beef Slice with Hair is one of our larger chew treats and, as it isn’t overly processed it’s a hard chew which does not go soggy or sloppy, making it more suited to a larger dog with a stronger chew. The chews come in appropriate portions for large, medium, small dogs and puppies. If you can allow the whole 35cm chew it provides a unique type of experience and mental stimulation.

Our general rule of thumb is 'the bigger the dog, the bigger the chew!’.

View our full range of natural chews here


A great way to train your dog is to reward good behaviour – for example, when following a command such as ‘sit’, if the dog sits, giving a tasty treat confirms the good behaviour and makes them more likely to do it again!

Our range of natural treats includes a number of great options for training, which can easily be carried in your pocket when out for a walk. Some firm favourites include Dried Meat Beef Puppy Treats and Pork and Beef Sausage.

View our full range of natural training treats here

Teeth Cleaning

As well as being naturally nutritious, many of the treats we stock also offer teeth cleaning benefits which will help to protect your dog’s teeth and gums, as well as combatting bad breath! Some great options for those looking to aid teeth cleaning for dogs include Beef Bladder Natural Twists, Ostrich Tendons and Pure Meat Sticks.

View our full range of teeth cleaning treats here



Natural Worming

Did you know that natural treats with “fur” help to eliminate worms and internal parasites?

Because fur is an undigestible protein it can work as a mechanical ‘scrap’ and help to expel unwanted internal hangers on.

Feeding a few hairy ears or pieces of hide each week can help to reduce the requirement of chemical wormers for your dog. In general, raw fed dogs do not suffer the higher worm burden a lot of kibble fed dogs can. But it does not matter what they are fed on, the weekly ‘furry’ or ‘hairy’ treat can benefit almost every dog and they love them!



Can’t decide? Why not try our natural dog treat selection pack

With such a vast selection on offer, it can be hard to choose just one type of treat for your dog! To make things a little easier and to help allow your dog to try a varied range, we’ve put together a delicious selection pack of natural dog treats. You can view and buy this delicious treat pack online – here.

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