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Working from home or isolating? Tips to keep your dog entertained

Helping your dog stay happy & healthy during this tricky time

In light of recent events, many members of our raw feeding community will likely be working from home or self-isolating. Whilst you focus on keeping yourselves safe, or keeping your business up and running from the safety of your own home, how best can you keep your dog entertained?

The team at Nurturing by Nature are here to help. As well as reducing our minimum online order spend to qualify for free local delivery, from £25 down to just £10, we’re also sharing our tips and tricks to help your dog stay entertained whilst you focus on working from home.

Natural treats

As well as offering a few minutes of peace whilst your dog chomps away at a delicious meat treat, our range of raw treats can also be used for games at home if you are unable to get out for walks as frequently as you’d like!

Pure Meat Sticks

These make a fantastic treat for your dog, offering a varied range of protein sources and high-quality meat, as well as giving you some time to get on with writing that email, or making a phone call whilst your dog enjoys!

Fish Bites

Delicious fish bites are ideal for keeping your dog occupied with games of hide and seek! Try hiding the treats around your home and garden and letting your dog sniff them out - you can up this game if you have spare paper bags to hide the treats in! The treats are harder to find when inside the bag and plus there is the added fun of destroying the bag when they find their prize.

Rabbit Ears

Air-dried and easily digestible, rabbit ears make a great and odourless chew for your dog to enjoy when you’re busy. They’re a low fat alternative to pigs’ ears too, so you can rest assured that they’re a healthy choice!

View our full range of raw and natural treats here.

Bone Meals

Carcasses and bones come in all shapes and sizes and are an excellent workout for your pet, as well as providing mental and physical benefits. Chewing on bones is incredibly beneficial as not only does it help to keep teeth clean, it is also a satisfying meal that helps to relax and keep your pet happy.

Stuffed carcass

If you need to get some work done and your dog is restless, opting for a stuffed carcass as their meal is a great choice. The challenge of the meal creates mental stimulation whilst the chewing element helps to release natural endorphins that will keep your dog happy. 

Turkey wings

Turkey wings offer a fantastic meal that will encourage your four-legged friend to really think about how they eat their meal. Whilst they chew away at this healthy and delicious meal, you’ll be free to get on with your work, safe in the knowledge that your dog is happy and entertained.

View our full range of bone meals here.

The team at Nurturing by Nature are here to help at this busy time, offering no-contact home deliveries and ensuring that our stock levels are maintained in order to support our local raw feeding community. Whether you have a query about raw feeding or you simply want some more advice about working from home with dogs, give us a call today on 01202 625728 and we’ll be happy to help.

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