Natural raw food for your dog and cat
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Our Vision

We Have A Vision

To create a global community around IFEEDRAW and a movement towards Raw feeding that will enable generations of healthy dogs and cats.

We believe that Raw Feeding is the most natural diet for our four legged friends & Raw feeding has changed our lives in so many positive ways it feel only right to pass on the positive messages.



Our family, our customers & our community have all seen the benefits of Raw feeding since Nurturing by Nature was founded back in 2004 & there is nothing better than seeing someone you love thrive & enjoying life to the full. Two legs or four. 

It’s amazing to think that such an improved quality of health can be achieved by A Raw diet. We say Raw but in reality we believe it’s the most Biologically appropriate diet for our Cat’s & Dog’s. After all there are no ovens in the wild & whilst our four legged friends have become domesticated in recent times their genetics & anatomy remain routed in history. 

A strong hinged jaw, combined with sharp pointy K9 teeth allow for chopping & crushing………

How to Eat a Chicken Carcass

Our experiences in our shops & through our brand have encouraged us to want to pass our experiences on. #ifeedraw - ifeedraw. We know raw feeding has changed so many lives within our community & we want to pass this message on.


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