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500g 100% Chicken Raw Dog Food & Cat Food

500g 100% Chicken Raw Dog Food & Cat Food


Suitable for Raw Dog FoodRaw Cat Food diets, Nurturing by Natures 100% Chicken mince is made using UK farmed human grade chicken. It is an excellent base to build a varied raw food diet on. Chicken is a great source of protein for your raw feeding you're cat's or dog's, and is an easily digestible meat. Making it ideal for mixing with other meats and flavours. Raw feeding doesn't have to be expensive.

This product contains bone and is packed in a no frills way, reducing our use of plastic & allowing costs to remain affordable.

No fillers, no grain, just naturally nutritious meat.

Choose this Raw Dog Food product for:

  • Natural source of protein
  • Easy digestion
  • Grain free feeding


Our most convenient packaging, this sleeve style space saving pouch means you can fit more in your freezer! This packaging offers the best value for money - using a fraction of the plastic that the tubs do the price reflects the value.

Nurturing by Natures minces are a course grade of mince and an excellent introduction to raw feeding. These are by far our best selling range, convenient for the home. Available in a number of different sizes and a variety of different packaging types. Some contain bone and some don’t.

Raw feeding in our eyes has to be affordable & by using Chicken as a base from which to build in a variety of protein sources you will have an affordable yet nutritious Raw diet for your four legged friends.

Using Human grade, UK farmed & processed Chicken, that we can trace back to the egg we are able to offer a consistent quality product with full traceability.

We also offer a fantastic Free range product. Available in; A Mince, Carcass, Necks, Wings, Legs & sometimes meat portions.

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