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Nurturing by Natures believe the most natural diet for our dogs and cats is a raw diet, after all there are no ovens in the wild & even though our dogs and cats are now domesticated their genetics are not far removed from their wild cousins. We aim to replicate nature in a way that fits into our modern domesticated homes.


Eating in the wild

In the wild the truth would be that Dog’s & Cats would rarely graze on fruit, vegetables or vegetation. Grabbing the odd berry here & there & sometimes eating grass often in an attempt to self medicate. However Fruit & vegetables offer a great source of nutritional benefits & whilst t may no be their most natural of diets add some blixed Fruit & Veg to the Raw diet is an excellent way to add further Nutritional goodness.


With the Jaw structure, chewing doesn’t really happen so all of the digestion starts in the gut & whilst meat & bones can be easily digested a whole carrot will often be seen the next day when picking up on the walk. This is because the digestion system struggle to digest cellulose so by blending vegetables, breaking down the cellulose the nutritionist can be mush easier digested.

You can do this at home - (Follow DIY to blog link) Add ingredient list.


A variety of products to assist on those occasions when a bit more help is needed.