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How to feed marrow bones safely

Our raw dog food specialists share their advice on feeding marrow bones to dogs and cats safely

Feeding marrow bones safely

Marrow bones have long been popular with our Raw Pet Food feeding community throughout the Bournemouth area and are regularly best selling products in our stores. Westmoors, Christchurch, Upton & Wimborne

Feeding a marrow bones is more than a treat; it's a nourishing experience that supports their physical and mental well-being through natural enrichment & the promotion of overal oral health. With a focus on safety and an understanding of our pets' instincts, we offer a wide range of delicious marrow bones for all sizes, ensuring a satisfying and healthy experience.

From bone meals to recreational bones, our selection is crafted to nurture your pet's nature. Join us in embracing this raw feeding lifestyle and discover the joy and vitality it can bring to your furry friend. Explore our marrow bone selection, and don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team for personalised advice. Shop now, and take a step towards a healthier, happier pet!

Feeding marrow bones to raw-fed dogs and cats is a great way to support them physically and mentally, offering them the opportunity to chew as they would in the wild as well as benefit from a range of natural nutrients found in the marrow and bone themselves.

Important: Never feed cooked bones to your dog or cat. Cooked bones can become brittle, causing damage and complications internally during digestion. If you ever think your pet may have ingested a cooked bone, call your vet straight away, and they will be able to advise. More information can be found in our article, "How to introduce Bones in a Raw Diet."

Feed under supervision

When feeding a raw marrow bone, it is important to keep an eye on your dog and ensure that they aren't chewing for too long or to the point that they may cause damage to their teeth or gums. We recommend feeding marrow bones for around 20 minutes at a time – this is the perfect amount of time for your dog to enjoy chewing without them getting carried away and potentially harming themselves!

Feeding raw bones – Your questions answered.

What bones are safe to give to a dog?

All raw bones are safe to feed. There are no ovens in the wild, and although our pets have now become domesticated, their natural food source is still raw, and their instincts remain the same when it comes to chewing and gnawing. Their hinged jaw is designed to chop and crush, making bones a natural and satisfying treat.

What is the difference between bone meals and recreational bones?

Bone meals are just as they sound – meals that are bones! These include chicken carcasses, lamb necks, chicken wings, and a range of other delicious items. The bones of these are much easier to digest and aren't quite as hard to chew through.

We offer a full selection of delicious marrow bones, all available to buy online for local or nationwide delivery. Choose from small, medium, large, or extra-large marrow bones. For help and advice on raw feeding or feeding bones, the Nurturing by Nature team is here and happy to help! Pop in-store or give us a call today.

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"Dogs love the marrow bones keeps them quiet for a couple of hours" - Miss Michele Maton
"Great quality and ideal size." - Trusted Customer

More benefits of introducing marrow bones into your pet's diet

When it comes to enriching your pet's diet with wholesome nutrients, incorporating marrow bones into their feeding regimen is a quintessential aspect of the raw pet food philosophy.

Marrow bones are a staple in raw pet food diets, not only providing recreational enjoyment but also offering a host of health benefits. They are densely packed with minerals like calcium and phosphorous, essential for strong bone and teeth development, while the marrow itself is a valuable source of healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

Integrating marrow bones from our raw pet food range ensures that your pets are getting a well-rounded diet that mimics their natural eating habits, leading to improved digestion, a shinier coat, and heightened overall vitality. As part of a balanced raw pet food diet, these bones can help maintain your pet's health from the inside out, delivering nutrition as nature intended.

How To Reuse Marrow Bones

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