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Benefits of marrow bones for dogs

Our range of raw and natural treats for dogs and cats includes high quality marrow bones – a delicious recreational bone your pet will love.

A naturally calming and mentally absorbing treat

We offer a full selection of delicious marrow bones, all available to buy online for local or nationwide delivery. Choose from, small, medium, large or extra large marrow bones.

Feeding raw bones is a great way to support your dog mentally as well as physically, appealing to their natural and instinctive craving to chew. We advise that marrow bones are fed for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, this is the perfect amount of time for your dog to enjoy these hard bones without causing harm to their teeth or gums. Important: Dogs and cats must never be fed cooked bones as these can become brittle, causing damage and complications during digestion.

"My two boxers LOVE these. They're great when I'm trying to work at home and need some peace for 10 minutes!"


Why feed raw marrow bones? 

As well as being delicious, marrow bones offer a number of benefits to you and your raw fed dog or cat, including:

Easy to re-stuff or reuse

Once your pet has finished enjoying the delicious marrow, we can simply refill them ready for the marrow bone to be enjoyed all over again!

When the time comes for a new marrow bone, there’s no need to throw the old one away – simply give the bone a wash out and boil it up to make a delicious broth.

A relaxing, natural treat

Enjoying bones and eating the marrow inside requires a lot of concentration, not to mention chewing! The chewing required to enjoy marrow bones promotes the release of natural endorphins which naturally calm and relax dogs and cats.

Naturally cleans teeth

Chewing and gnawing on a marrow bone is a great way to ensure your dog’s teeth get a clean, as the bones help to gently remove any build up from the surface of the teeth, promoting healthy gums.

100% natural treat

When you choose to feed your dog raw marrow bone, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a biologically appropriate treat that is free of additives, grains and any form of filler. Our bones and meat are all sourced from trusted suppliers and are fed just as nature intended.

Our range of marrow bones is sure to offer something to suit your pet – shop online from the comfort of your sofa for delivery direct to your door! If you ever have any questions or concerns about feeding bones, contact the team at Nurturing by Nature and we’ll be more than happy to advise.

Medium Marrow Bones x2
Marrow bones are a delicious and natural recreational bone treat your dogs and cats will love. Marrow bones will help to satisfy your pet's natural craving to chew, releasing naturally calming ...
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Large Marrow Bones x2
Our large marrow bones are a delicious and natural recreational bone treat your larger dog will love. Marrow bones help to satisfy your four-legged friend's natural craving to chew, r...
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