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Spring Cleaning Tips: Pet Care and Seasonal Supplements

Our top tips for protection against ticks and caring for a shedding coat

Caring for your dog or cat this spring

Spring is here and as we all get the urge to clean and organise our homes, it's also time to give your dog or cat a little extra TLC to prepare for the season ahead. Our raw feeding experts share their top tips for managing fur shedding and protecting your four-legged friend from bugs as they become more active in spring.

As well as offering help and advice online, we're also available to help in-store at our raw pet food shops in Dorset. Don't hesitate to get in touch or pop in and see us!



Fleas, worms and ticks

...You name it, they’re out and about in springtime. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll no doubt start to notice more bugs and insects around the house and garden, and when it comes to walking areas like local fields and forests, some of these critters are ready and waiting to cling to your dog!

Tick removal

Coming across a tick or two on your dog or cat from time to time is completely normal around this time of year, and whilst they are generally harmless, it is of course very important that they’re removed thoroughly. We stock the fantastic Tick Twister, which makes removal of ticks super easy and keeps discomfort for your pet to a minimum.


Of course, fleas, ticks and worms are a potential issue all year round, but springtime brings heightened risk. Check out just a few of our great preventative products below:

Billy No Mates 

Billy No Mates is a totally natural herbal supplement mix that is absolutely hated by ticks, fleas and mites. Simply sprinkle over your dog's food for protection from the inside out! 

Four Seasons

Whilst raw-fed dogs are far less likely to harbour worms, Four Seasons is a very gentle worming treatment that can be given from around 2 weeks of age. In the wild, animals would naturally select herbs that help to cleanse their digestive system; this specially formulated treatment works in the same way.

Neem Oil

A firm favourite with the Nurturing by Nature team and customers alike, Neem oil is a fantastic addition to your pet care routine. We stock a number of pet shampoos including this wonder ingredient, which not only soothes sensitive skin and leaves coats soft and shiny but also offers antibacterial and anti-insect properties. Check out our Neem and Coconut pet shampoo.


Tip from Nettie:

"Before I take my dog for a walk, I like to give her coat a very light mist with Neem Shield pet spray to help deter pests such as ticks whilst we’re out exploring.”


As your cats and dogs naturally prepare for the incoming warmer weather, the natural shedding process begins. You’ll no doubt be tired of hoovering pet hair from the house (and your clothes!) already, so to keep your home fur-free as well as keeping your pet as comfortable as possible, there are a number of ways you can help.

Regular brushing

Daily brushing will help to ensure that your pet’s fur stays healthy and matt-free as their winter coat is shed. 

Zoom Groom

This gentle rubber brush provides a massage for your pet whilst also removing excess fur – we’re yet to find an animal that doesn’t love it! 

Natural pet treats

For those with pets that simply hate to be groomed, we recommend feeding delicious natural treats whilst brushing – they simply won’t be able to resist! Shop our full range of natural pet treats here.

For more information about caring for your pet’s coat or for answers to any questions you may have about transitioning to raw pet food, feel free to contact our team or pop into one of our Dorset raw pet food shops to speak to us.

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