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Chicken Carcasses Raw Dog Food (30 Individually wrapped Chicken Carcass)

Chicken Carcasses Raw Dog Food (30 Individually wrapped Chicken Carcass)

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Chicken Carcasses for Dogs. A fantastically convenient product for when choosing to feed your pet a Raw Dog Food Diet that we are excited to be able to offer in store* & nationwide.

Offering great value for money & convenience for raw feeding at home, these are also easy to feed on the go. Each box contains 30 individually wrapped Chicken Carcass weighing approximatly 200g each. (Please see the above product image.)

These are also avalible individually at 0.59p each

A price review is currently underway on this product

Following a price review due to substantial increased costs from suppliers we have made the following change to this product. 

We have chosen to keep the overall purchase price similar but reduce this product to 30. 

We will not comprise on quality. 


Providing an excellent crunch to meal times, Nurturing by Nature’s Chicken Carcass really encourages your dog or cat to think about their food. Encouraging natural chewing, holding & provides a challenge when generally just trying to eat. 

A Chicken Carcass gives your four legged friend a naturally beneficial source of goodness, both in nutrition & stimulus. The chewing element of the meal releases natural endorphins within their body along with a physical effort & the challenge of the meal creates stimulation for their brain too. All of which is totally natural behaviour.

See the video of our Manuka happily demonstrating how she eats a Nurturing by Nature Chicken Carcass or two. With the volume turned up you can hear Manuka crunching the carcass in her jaws. This is perfectly normal & safe, a raw chicken bone is flexible & is no match for a dogs jaws. The process of eating a Chicken Carcass or other raw meaty bones can dramatically improve the overall health within your animals mouth, the scraping & crunching on the Raw bones help remove tartar from the teeth & gums.

“Give a dog a bone,” is an old fashioned saying that we feel should be given a new lease of life. Whilst you should NEVER feed a cooked bone, a raw bone, especially a Nurturing by Nature Chicken Carcass provides a fantastic meal or treat. Since Nurturing by Nature first opened it’s doors back in 2004 the Chicken Carcass has long been a favourite with our loyal customers.

30 individually wrapped Chicken Carcass’ ideal for quick and easy home feeding

100% UK Chicken

Made using human grade chicken & processed as if
this food is for our human tables.

Nurturing by Natures Chicken Carcass provide
the ideal affordable meal, a great compliment to a naturally healthy Raw Diet
for your four legged friends.
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Analytical Constituents
Water contents
Water contents
69. 10g /100g
18.4g / 100g
7.7g / 100g
2.3g / 100g
0.13g / 100g
0.20g / 100g
1340mg / kg
790mg / kg
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