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Neptune’s Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Dog Food Supplement

Neptune’s Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Dog Food Supplement


Neptune’s Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Dog Food Supplement 400g. This innovative dog food supplement is provided by nature and perfected by science.

Seaweed has been used for millennia by coastal inhabitants as a nutritional, easily accessible and sustainable food source.

Neptune’s Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Dog Food Supplement is a superfood that provides a huge variety of benefits to the health of your dog.

It provides those trace elements that are no longer found in our soils that are vitally important to the development of our beloved pets.

The fermented seaweed prebiotic powder is carried to the lower gut where it aids the pro-biotic bacteria in digesting more of the food and vitamins found in that food.

Neptune’s Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Dog Food Supplement:

  • Aids healthy digestion, preventing upset tummies
  • Helps your dog develop a healthy, shiny coat and reduces skin issues
  • Helps reduce arthritis and joint pain
  • Aids in weight control reducing obesity and cancer production
  • Improves the health of mouth teeth and gums


Feeding Guide:
The suggested amount is 2% of your dog’s food weight per day.
I.e. Use 1 scoop (5g) per 250g of food daily, and simply sprinkle on to the food.

Pre-Biotic Seaweed
Fermented Seaweed taken as a dog food supplement has been scientifically proven to aid gut digestion. It is able to make it to the lower intestines without being digested, where it increases the good bacteria used to digest food other food stuffs and essentially extract more nutrients out from it.

Antioxidant (Free Radical Scavenger)
The seaweed used in Neptune’s Yard Fermented Seaweed is packed full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals and chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms. Antioxidants have been proven to reduce the premature aging of cells, cancer cell production and many more benefits.

Aid to Weight Control
Fermented seaweed when used over a period of time can aid with the weight control of our pets by helping to break down the high cholesterol fats found in many pet diets.

Packed Full of Nutrients
Seaweed provides a number of unique trace elements not readily found in the soils of our farms. These nutrients are therefore not in our foods - vegetable, fruit, and herbage or in the grazing animals that feed on them.

Neptune’s Yard Fermented Seaweed is so easy to feed to your beloved companions. It comes in a tasty powder form that your pet will love!

You simply sprinkle on your pet’s meal and that’s it. Many of us that take our dogs to the beach already know how they love to munch on seaweed. Well, now they can, safe in the knowledge that they will only benefit from it.

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Neptune’s Yard Prebiotic Fermented Seaweed Dog Food Supplement
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