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Complete Meals vs. Balanced Diets: Our View

Our raw pet food specialists discuss the difference between 'complete meals' and a balanced raw diet

Are 'complete' meals the way forward for a balanced diet?

Many believe that every meal your dog or cat eats should be ‘complete’, meaning that every food group and nutrient-type should be included within every meal. Commercial pet foods, as they are generally created using the same base meats, are promoted as being able to fulfill this ideal, however, the team here at Nurturing by Nature don’t believe in the ‘complete meal’ mantra, but rather in a ‘complete diet’ approach to feeding your pet. Just like our own diets, variety in your pet’s meals is key to ensuring the nutrients they receive aren’t restricted like they can be in mass-produced foods, which generally just can’t compete with the diversity of a raw diet. 

We're passionate about providing a diet for dogs and cats that helps them achieve their highest standard of health, offering snacks,treats and meals that cater to specific needs whilst also being high quality and delicious. To find out more about our raw diet, pop in store for a chat today, or browse our product range online.

Including fruit and vegetables in a raw diet

Whilst not essential, including fruits and vegetables in your pet's raw diet is preferable. In order to mimic the nutrients your dog would get from the stomach of its prey in the wild, liquidising fruits and leafy greens is a great way to do so. All of our meats are intended for human consumption and therefore are of the highest-quality, however, to make up for the fact that they are usually grain-fed and aren't naturally reared animals, herbal supplements can be given daily or 3-4 times per week in order to improve the bio-efficiency of the diet overall. 

Rotate meals for a balanced diet

Rotating your pets meals, just like you do for your own, provides them with a variety of ingredients that will offer many different benefits to their diet and health. Chicken provides a great base but we advise including different meats. As well as a variation of meats and fish, plus bone and offal, you can also vary the size and timings of your dog's meals if this suits your dog and lifestyle. For example, feed a small meal in the morning, followed by a larger meal in the evening. The idea is that no two meals are ever the same and that whatever you choose for one meal can then be balanced at the next; for example, you may choose to feed a small bone meal and follow it with a larger, meatier meal next. Equally, if you or your dog prefer to stick to a routine with regards to how and when you feed, then this is perfectly fine as well.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of switching your pet to a raw food diet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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