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Sprats for dogs and cats

The ideal snack, meal or treat

Versatile & nutritious

Are sprats good for dogs? Well they are not just good for Dogs, sprats for cats are good too. 

So if you are thinking can dogs eat sprats, or can I enhance my Pet's Raw Pet Food?  Then this article will be worth a read. Nurturing by Nature has been creating a complete raw diet for dogs & cats since 2004 & Sprats, these small nutrient pack super food have been well established within our Raw Pet Food diet. 

Sprats are the ultimate addition to any dog or cat’s diet, whether you’re currently feeding raw or not! Dried sprats make a tasty topping for your pet’s meal, broken up and sprinkled over as a healthy and Omega-3 rich accompaniment to their raw meal or commercial pet food.

For those that do feed raw, sprats are also available minced and whole, providing an easy to feed, nutritious and delicious meal your dog or cat will love.

To find out more about our raw diet, or to buy sprats online why not browse our online store or pop into one of our shops for a chat with the team!

What are the benefits of sprats for dogs and cats?

As well as being very versatile and easy to feed, sprats also boast a number of great health benefits – including:

  • High in Omega-3 - These essential fatty acids are not naturally produced by dogs, so adding sprats to their diet will help to guarantee they're getting the nutrients they need

  • Heart health - Whether your dog or cat suffers from heart issues or not, sprats will help to boost and maintain healthy heart function

  • Improved coat & skin -Dogs that are fed sprats a few times a week boast glossy coats and often find that itchy skin conditions are minimised

  • Reduced anxiety & hyperactivity - The Omega-3 in sprats helps to keep dogs and cats calmer and more focused

  • Regulate allergies - Omega-3 also helps dogs and cats to regulate any allergens they may be sensitive to

  • Arthritis relief - Feeding sprats can help to reduce inflammation and relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis in cats and dogs

Adding sprats to your pet's diet

Sprats are so easy to include in your dog or cat's raw diet, made even easier by the fact we offer them in various forms!

Whole sprats - Add as a topper to a meal, or feed as a treat! Our whole sprats are available in 1kg packs, frozen for freshness.

Minced sprats - 100% minced, also available with chicken. Minced sprats are a delicious meal, offering a range of natural essential oils.

Dried sprats - Our most popular and hassle-free treat option, we offer 150g packs of dried sprats that are absolutely ideal for feeding as training treats or even just as a sprinkle on your dog or cat’s meal.


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