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Frozen Goats Milk 1L Natural Dog Treats

Frozen Goats Milk 1L Natural Dog Treats

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Supplied by a local farmer in Dorset, this goat’s milk is perfect as a natural dog treat or cat treat and can be served either by itself, or over a meal (it's never refused in our house!). 

Goat’s milk is really palatable and easy to digest for our four legged friends as the fat molecules are so much smaller than cow’s milk. This milk will also help to soothe an upset tummy. It’s the ideal accompaniment if you are feeding a raw dog food diet.

Storage tip: To keep your milk fresher for longer, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. You can then thaw milk cubes as and when you need them!

Choose this natural dog treat, or cat treat for:

  • Natural source of minerals, vitamins & enzymes
  • A delicious and natural treat

Available for delivery or collection in-store.


Benefits of goats milk 

As well as being a delicious treat for any raw fed dog or cat, goats milk also offers a variety of health benefits.

  • Natural source of minerals, vitamins & enzymes which contribute to improved overall health & a boosted immune system
  • Nourishing- helps to sooth upset or sensitive tummies
  • Easy digestion due to smaller fat molecules than in cows milk
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Higher levels of calcium than cows milk
  • Much lower levels (if any at all) of the protein, alpha-s1-casein, that is found in cows milk & known to cause allergic reactions

Treat your dog to this delicious and nutritious treat - Available for delivery nationwide or collection in-store.

A common question we hear at Nurturing by Nature is what to do if my dog has had an upset stomach or will this Raw food cause an upset stomach. Quite the opposite infact. A Raw diet is the most natural of diets for our four legged friend & whilst we may do our upmost to train them Dogs are prone to scavenging at times. On the dog walk, around the house or even around the dinner table. 

We have found over the years a couple of ways that works really well. The first, is a starvation period - It's not the most popular however it does allow time for the gut to settle. The second is a proven favourite. Goats Milk & White Fish combined in a meal. The Goats milk is full of healty vitamins, minerals & nutrients that are all easily digested. The white fish is a lean meal that is also easy to digest. Providing a balanced recovery meal that helps settle the gut. 

Should symptoms continue & you have concerns please call for professional advise. This is just a meal combination we have found that helps settle upset tummies. It is NOT a miracle cure & professional advice should always be taken should symptoms be sustained over a period of time.

100% Goats Milk - Fresh from the farm in Dorset. This is not a raw product.
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Feeding Guide
The Goats Milk can be added to a meal or just in a bowl for a drink.
Fred used to love the goats milk as a drink but it's about finding a way that works for you & your four legged friend.

Defrost and serve over a raw meal or as a refreshing drink - pet food only

Currently we are mainly selling 1ltr bottles & this can be hard to keep for a longer period of time. We have found a great way to use the milk in a more efficient way is to defrost the milk slowly in the fridge & then poor into an ice cube tray when ready. Creating many smaller portions.

Keep the milk temperature controlled at all times by leaving in the fridge too defrost. Then once defrosted treat this milk as you would your own. It arrives at our site within hours of being milked & is almost as fresh as possible. This will give you the longest possible shelf life if kept in the fridge.
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